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Hi, there!

I'm Vlad, and I'm a web developer.

The main goal of this webpage is to briefly tell an employer or a client about what I can do, what programming languages I know, and how I can apply them, for what, and where.

Also, for this purpose, I've made a website. This is a kind of template showing the basic functionality and structure of the modern web application from my point of view.

I'm going to explain how the app works a bit later but if you would like to take a quick look at it, please follow the link below:


I have to say the website is located on a subdomain and the subdomain does not have SSL certificate. So, because of it, you will see the Privacy error. If you use Google Chrome it is going to be something like this:

Privacy error

Click the button 'Advanced' and then you will see the link 'Proceed to website-template.getyoursite.info (unsafe)'. Click it.

The theme of the website is The Painting gallery. You can open all the pages, click all links, subscribe to the mailing list, send a review, leave a comment.

Test the website as you wish. You can even buy a painting...

Of course, you will not really buy it actually but you will get a message confirming your order on your mailbox if you type your real email address.

Also, I've written the Content Mangement System (CMS) for the app. Please, read the description below.

And finally, I've made the video. This is a short story about me and about how the app works. Please Watch the video if you prefer this way of getting information.

So, please, read the technical explanation below, Watch the video and have fun!


The logic and structure of the application.

The app was written from scratch without using any kind of PHP frameworks and based on the MVC model and Object-Oriented Programming language(OOP).

If you are not quite sure what MVC model is, here is the common definition:

Model-view-controller (usually known as MVC) is a software design pattern commonly used for developing user interfaces that divide the related program logic into three interconnected elements. This is done to separate internal representations of information from the ways information is presented to and accepted from the user.

You can read more here: Wiki about MVC.

So, the application has all the things described above like 'Router', 'Controller', 'Model', 'View' and so on...

You canDownload the zip archive containing some meaningful files of the app.

Or, you can check out My GitHub page and find the same files there.

You will be able to look through all controllers, all models, all views, some included files, app.css file, app.js file from '/app' folder, all PHP classes from '/core' folder.

All PHP classes have detailed comments according to the PHP Standards Recommendation.

CSS and JS files have a list of contents and a lot of comments.

Here is the screenshot of the file structure of the app:

File structure of the app

I can say the app is a PHP framework. It can be easily turned into whatever you want with a few changes.

For example, if you need to change the look of the website you only need to remake the 'Views'. If you need to add a new page, for example, 'About Us', you only need to make the 'View' for the page, add the data into corresponded DB table, write a new 'Controller' with the method containing the query to the 'Model' and finally, write the new 'Model' to get data from the DB table and send it back to the 'Controller', and, of course, add the new link to the 'Navigation' bar.

If a new page, like 'About Us', is within the existing structure of the app the new 'route' is not needed.

By the way, this site www.getyoursite.info was created from this app.

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Some tests results

Take a look at PageSpeed Insights test from Google.

For desctop:

PageSpeed Insights test for computer

For mobile:

PageSpeed Insights test for mobile

Very fast! And there are a lot of images on the page!

HTML checker from: www.validator.w3.org

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Responsive Design and Size

The app has a responsive design and looks pretty on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). You can check it out yourself. If you use Google Chrome Browser on your desktop computer press F12 on Windows OS and choose any screen size or device.

The size of the app in megabytes is about 5 MB including images. So, it is pretty small, loads quickly, and works fastly.

See the screenshot:

Responcive design of the app Back to Contents

Cross-browser compatibility

The website was checked in: Google Chrome Version 92.0.4515.159. Firefox Version 91.01, Opera, Microsoft Edge Version 92.0.902.73

Looks the same in all browsers.

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Content Mangement System

Main features:

Main objective of this Custom Content Management System is the modification of a content stored in database tables on your hosting.

The CMS works totally by itself and does not use the website code or the pre-installed Content Management System if there is one.

The CMS is a ready-to-use web application that is stored on your hosting and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface.

The interface of the CMS is adapted for mobile devices and you can manage your website from any place where you have access to the internet using even a small mobile phone.

If you wanna know how the CMS works online, please Watch the video below on the page.

See the screenshot:

Cms on ipad Back to Contents

What I used

PHP 7.3


SQL 5.6

Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta3


jQuery mobile



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One more example of working online project

About two year ago I wrote the website, check this out www.bestsmoothjazz.ru

By that time I did not know much about OOP and MVC model and I've written the site using so-called procedural PHP.

You can Download pdf file containing the technical requirements for the website and the description of how it works.

As for my understanding of Search Engine Optimization, I'd like to say I edited most of the articles for this website trying to 'push' the site on top in search results by the particular search query. And for many pages, I've achieved good results.

You can check this out yourself. For example, just type the following search query in the search bar for your browser - гровер вашингтон слушать (in english it means - listen to grover washington).

Or just click the link: гровер вашингтон слушать

If your browser uses Google search engine (check the browser's settings out) you will see the page in the first place in search results.

See the screenshot:

Search-result Back to Contents


Please watch the video if you prefer this way of getting information.

Also, you will be able to assess my level of English if it is important for you.

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So, if you read till the end, watched the video, and looked through the files from the downloaded archive, I hope you have an idea of how to use me, if I may say so...

If you would like to contact me, please go to Contact and Hire. You will find out more about me, and how to hire me.



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