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So, I'm Vlad, and I'm a web developer.

My Skills

PHP 7.x, OOP, MYSQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Version control (Git).

Good understanding of OOP language(PHP) and MVC model.

Good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation.

Can write clean, readable, and maintainable code.

Responsive design.

Creation of relational DBs and writing queries to DB.

I use hosting software cPanel and have a local web server installed on my desktop computer.

English level - Upper-intermediate.

Native language - Russian.

Education: Musical college, graduated in 1992. I studied web development by myself with the help of the Internet.

My working schedule

I have a job and I have to say it has no relevance to the website development field. The job is a shift-work - I work two days and then I have two days off. I think I have enough time for part-time work.

But If you hire me for a full-time position I quit the job at once. It is my kind of dream for the time being.

Get In Touch or Hire

If you would like to offer me a long-term job, or just wanna ask me a question, please contact me by email or send me a message using the contact form below.

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If you need a relatively simple and short term job to be done, please go to My Upwork Profile and hire me there.

Visit My page on GitHub. You will find a short version of my profile and will be able to look through all the files from there.

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